Weaker ships can't participate in events

Discussion in 'General Feedback' started by Southern_Comfort, Oct 19, 2020.

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  1. Southern_Comfort

    Southern_Comfort Advanced

    Us weaker ships can't participate in the events as well as we could because stronger ships continually sink us. As far as doing event quests, there is no way in hell of completing the smallest quests without being shot, sank and having your kill stolen by a stronger ship. It's happened a couple times already so I am done with event quests. Make this game a more fair for the weaker ships!!!!
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  2. SEALION©®

    SEALION©® Forum Greenhorn

    This is what pirates did in the pass, that is the reality, and I had to go through it all and so do you!!!
    And if they have to make it fair for all it wouldn't be a pirate GAME any more!!!
  3. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Junior Expert

    I dont think a PIRATE game is for you somehow... yrarr xDD
  4. Southern_Comfort

    Southern_Comfort Advanced

    People use to walk 50 yards to an outhouse to use the bathroom now we have indoor toilets. THINGS CHANGE!!!
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  5. шüʟғ™

    шüʟғ™ Someday Author

    Well the pirates outside of Mogadishu coast still walk some yards to a bush. ;)

    Yes but you are right with that weaker and small ships have a huge problem to solve event quest.
    Only chance is to be with a guild/ally that can help you out and also built up your ship with theres help.

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