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Discussion in 'The Players' started by English~Rose, Mar 9, 2016.

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  1. English~Rose

    English~Rose Forum Greenhorn

    Ahh that will explain it. Thanks.

    I just thought I was going blind haha.

    Aww, didn't realise I made that much of an impact tbh. Nice to see I'm still loved haha.

    Hope you are well? X

    I know that spamming was against the forum rules, but I'm on my phone and can't find the multi quote button. I'm so sorry for the multiple postings. X
  2. English~Rose

    English~Rose Forum Greenhorn

    Just thought i'd bump this thread and say a huge hello to any old folks still around. Just re-read this post and I still never did come back onto the sea. I don't think my ship could take any of you on nowadays lol.

    Btw it was 2 years ago since I came back onto the forum yet this post was still on page 1, take it no-one posts anymore?
  3. DISRUS®‼

    DISRUS®‼ Forum Greenhorn

    Hi rose ;)

    Crazy to think its been 12 years since i first logged in to this game. what a great time. For some reason i had thought about the game today so i decided to log on. Looks like 1-C is back???? They're in the top 20. Cant believe its still alive, i'm guessing Jimhaper is running it, if it isn't him then god knows who!

    I wish they would take the game back to how it was or make a version of it anyway. Much simpler, much more pure and much more challenging. And i would bet it was much more fun too. With pretty much everyone on the same level it really did take coordination and skill to win those battles and wars. So many memories, wish i could remember more.

    Hope everyone is ok, those who know me and those who do not. Take care guys ill try and pop by every now and again to see whats going on.

    If anyone speaks to Jim, please get him to accept me back into 1-C :)

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  4. aidxN123

    aidxN123 Forum Apprentice

    1-C arent back, Hall of fame is broken. :)
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  5. DISRUS®‼

    DISRUS®‼ Forum Greenhorn

    Ah man, thats a shame. Thanks though
  6. frankthetank1974

    frankthetank1974 Board Analyst

    that's not like bp lol
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    FORBEЅ Forum Greenhorn

    DISRUS my lad, hope life has treated you well.

    Rose, Terror and the kids doing good I hope! :) (I remembered your IRL names btw!:cool:)

    12 years indeed, you wouldn't believe how many people I found throughout online games that knew me from Seafight lol.. usually I found myself being their enemy (some never forgot my pirate ways :p) good times.. bloody good times.

    This game and the great people I met on my journey through it taught me so much. Who said one cannot gain life skills from sitting in front of a computer. :D
  8. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    Wow, so many old names coming out of the woodwork! Phantomraspberry, Forbes, Rose... All names I remember well. Back at that time I was just a chat lurker, a noob with an awful boat who didn't know what he was doing until he made more of a name for himself in RED. That was until this @frankthetank1974 didn't think he needed his best player and kicked me out.. ;) But I really remember these names back from the golden days. I played UK as opposed to the Global Servers but you still get to know names from forums and videos that stick with you.

    Forbes, looks like we both used to sit in class on this game lol. I'm pushing on 22 now too and I'm sure many of my guild mates from times gone-by still picture me as the squeaky-voiced teen too. Looks like you never get to shake that reputation haha!

    I hope everybody is keeping well,

  9. frankthetank1974

    frankthetank1974 Board Analyst

    you were not kicked des lol think back ,,there were other forces at work :eek:
  10. FORBEЅ

    FORBEЅ Forum Greenhorn

    I enjoyed my time on UK, was brief compared to the original global but fun.. bloody Thorpy, he didn't want me there at all lol.

    My only claim to fame on UK is winning the first JPB ever tested on 'local' servers .. me, Thorpy and PinkPearl survived at the end and even then I lied to MaFuBa (he knew lol) .. (was it MaFuBa or Terror in charge at that point? I remember Terror talking to me about it on MSN messenger LOL .. msn messenger man) regarding age lmao (basically due to ToS 16+ I think it was for cash rewards? or 18+ they could of give it to someone else).. dear god. In the end they give me the pearl value and we called it quits because I had no bank account to get the $500 at the age of 13/14? or whatever.. I could write a book about those kind of encounters I found myself in. To be fair I got away with murder when it came to the moderation team and not just the EN one (logging in with Papri's mod account on swedish chat and telling them when the happy hour would pop up :rolleyes:) which I may add I wasn't suppose to know about in the first place when they would pop up :p and I think they give me some space due to age but nevermind 9 lives of a cat, I think I had more like 90. :D

    @Destruction it was rough being young, no PayPal so SMS or ClickAndBuy vouchers to buy pearls.. running out to the shop when happy hour appeared for a voucher or top up - don't even get me started on mega happy hours #hardlife

    The moral of the story? being young had its perks ;D

    P.S to the mod team, these offenses are legacy - statute of limitations! haha
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  11. frankthetank1974

    frankthetank1974 Board Analyst

    sounds about right nothing much as change there :eek::oops::oops::oops:

    oh yes lol o_O
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  12. English~Rose

    English~Rose Forum Greenhorn

    We are all good thank you (although myself and terror are no longer on speaking terms).

    All the kids are good too thank you! Oldest one is nearly 16 now (can you believe it!)

    Oh I would love a server from the old days. Don’t think my boat would be able to last 2 seconds on the water nowadays. Have no idea what updates have happened but can you believe it’s nearly 9 years since I last played and since I was taken off the mod team! Crazy how time just slips by!

    Forbes you will always be remembered as the squeaky teenager to me! .
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  13. †Hell†Cat†

    †Hell†Cat† Junior Expert

    F0RBES said:
    We are part an era that ended and has been forgotten about on Seafight, we had our time and it's gone. Whilst Seafight has forgotten us/me I will never forget it.


    Pity as the old days were the best none of this rubbish back then just an even playing field and some blooming good mods ​
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  14. .MiKaS.[RIP]

    .MiKaS.[RIP] Forum Greenhorn

    i was just looking up 1-C myself there, long time ppl
  15. †Hell†Cat†

    †Hell†Cat† Junior Expert

    the game then was a brilliant game none of the stuff that is allowed to go on, nice ppl and good fun to play now its all money there is no equal playing field nor is there any chance for new players lmao old days were the best pity they dont open another server for old time players im sure some would love to be back there :p
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  16. babenewport

    babenewport Someday Author

    hellcat totally agree
  17. Syruss

    Syruss Forum Greenhorn

    Muwhahaha some old names here ;) Forbes, Lady Rose, Arky, you lot are making me feel old, i was 17 when i met seafight, maufba, faladin, billynomates, saltyseasarg, forbes. i'm freeking 30 now! glad to see some of you are still living high and mighty!
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  18. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Wow, now thats an old name I haven't seen in a long time! Good to see you checking in from time to time, how I miss the old days :oops:

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  19. Banksy

    Banksy Forum Greenhorn

    Damn have not seen some of these names in so many years, good to see you ok english rose :) good to hear terrorize is alright and I have not seen many other sft players in so long, think taylors logged in beginning of the year although missed his login on the ol seachart and not sure where loopy lou went too. A few other names elude my mind though red something... and others :( . Myself I'm only on for about 90 days (fell for the glitter doubler haha) had a week off so thought i'd indulge in a bit of nostalgia although the banksy101 has been removed *_* been years myself since last login my boat is a pathetic now haha. Anyways good to hear you are well!
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  20. M.C.F.C.

    M.C.F.C. Someday Author

    wow hello banksy , longtime no see , hope you are well and taylors , my sails have holes in now since ive not been on in a while either , bring back 80 cannons and a fair wind :)
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