What should i farm for pearls or whatever ?

Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by Deathlge, May 21, 2020.

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  1. Deathlge

    Deathlge Forum Apprentice

    Hello captains ,
    I am here to ask you for some advice , i want to know what anew player should be farming and what is easiest way to get pearls to upgrade castle ...

    i shoot like 60 k with elite ammo :D
  2. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ Old Hand

    drakir hrell 13-15 maps and leviathan raid map which needs behemoth medallions and lvl to be 16+ but the best most surefire way is lvl 26+ raid map
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  3. Sкуℓιηєя

    Sкуℓιηєя Junior Expert

    Good ways to earn pearls especially if you only shoot 60k with elite ammo;

    Baby Raid Map - Max level for this is 15, so you wont find many strong players in the map good for when you dont have any ribs and dont shoot very much with elite ammo. You can use hollows and admiral cannons to shoot the Sunbursts and then use Elite Ammo on the Admiral. Since theres usually a lot of people in this map you can get larger ships to take the damage of the admiral.

    Events - I'm assuming you don't have ribs yet so soloing admirals isn't an option for you. Join a guild if possible so you & your naps can work together on taking out Admirals. It can be very hard without one as pretty much everyone will shoot you (there are many guilds looking for active members). Marauder event is good for pearls if you can get the marauder ammo - Use lions bulwarks if you really have to and sink marauding fleets for i think 25k pearls each and they do not have much hp.

    Bonus Maps - Investing pearls into the Cauldren is always profitable in my opinion, If you do not have many of the bonus map buffs do not be afraid to spend pearls instead of mojos (Throwing lots of 50-100 can get around the "you cannot afford this" bug) It can take a very long time to recoup costs spent in the cauldren as maps take many hours and you may not even be able to complete cancer maps yet (If you cannot do them within a Reasonable time then i'd suggest waiting until you are a larger ship to do this method) but once you can do maps quickly this method becomes very profitable. Do not be afraid to use elite ammunition that you got from the cauldren while doing the maps to speed up the process, however using hollows is the most profitable (its time vs profit you have to balance this yourself depending on your ship size)

    Some other tips;
    Personally i'd make sure you've maxed your pearl cannon & expansion slots and put a big dent in your skills before worrying about castles (With the exception of a few essential castles) and make sure you wait till castle day to do any big spending on castles.

    Obviously there are the ships that sail regular maps that you can sink for pearls, but i find that in those high maps small players get sunk constantly so it is not profitable - Baby Raid map is much better in my opinion because atleast you can fight back some of the players there.
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  4. Deathlge

    Deathlge Forum Apprentice

    Ohh thank you captains for the advice :)
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    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    As the OP seems satisfied:

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