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    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    White Torpedo
    Ahoy, pirates!

    Prepare yourself for a thrilling new level of strategy with the White Torpedo!

    This innovative addition introduces an extra layer of depth that will test the cunning tactics of even the most seasoned pirates.

    While the White Torpedo has lower damage than other Torpedoes, its benefits are the White Breach that it inflicts on your target.

    When a player deals damage on a target who has the White Breach active, they will receive Hitpoints back equal to 2% of the damage they inflict per Breach.

    And when a player Exploits the White Breach, an area of effect (AoE) will spawn, which will heal all players within it by 2,000 Voodoo Points per White Breach Exploited.

    Aswell as the increased value, as more White Breaches are exploited within a single exploit, the area of effect expands in size – ensuring all your mateys receive the benefit.

    We hope you're as excited as we are to see how this new feature will add to the gameplay.

    So grab your White Torpedoes and start exploring!

    Your Seafight Team

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