why the community is so toxic?

Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by xristosvas1, May 12, 2022.

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  1. xristosvas1

    xristosvas1 Forum Apprentice

    i am a 17 level player and i have a quest that asks to kill karkinos but in this game nothing is simple i am dealing 20k at him and he has 10m health so 500 shots 5 seconds each 2500 seconds like 42 mins so 42 mins hitting an npc and it isnt only that i had it on 1 m hp and another fully stacked out player just come and kills me and kill the npc and before that another on was just killing me while hitting the npc and giving me slowness making it 1 hour to take it donw to 1 m hp and then just lossing it from another dude that for sure had no need of it since he killed the npc in less than 20 seconds 1m hp
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  2. xristosvas1

    xristosvas1 Forum Apprentice

    GiGi another 50 mins lost he killed me again and killed the karkinos
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  3. makfer

    makfer Forum Apprentice

    Ask a big player to help you. That NPC is rare and nobody can wait 50min for you. For a big player that is 2 minute, i helped for somebody yesterday. Not a big thing. But if you can do something maybe you need to get more cannons and get more damage. But the easy way to ask for help. And in season you will sunk, get used to it.
  4. Warrior223

    Warrior223 Forum Greenhorn

    tell me your name on sf discord and i can help you out
  5. Loki162

    Loki162 Padavan

    the big boats don't like to fight each other so they come down to the lower maps and sink us
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  6. Get a Guild that will not only help you quest and test but also help you get bigger. That's what Guild Leaders are suppose to be for. Pick the correct one and you can big bigger very fast with not much effort. I have played this game over 13 Years and helped many players do the above. Some guilds are just wanting already large boats but I found as a Leader that if you build a smaller player up from the start then they become a loyal member of the guild and in turn help others along the way ;)
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  7. xristosvas1

    xristosvas1 Forum Apprentice

    thanks guys i will try to join a guild also Warrior223 if you still want to help thats my disc xristosvas1#6826
  8. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight


    Seafight is a game that involves shooting and sinking players, it could be just one sink or you may even get "chained" - this is unavoidable part of the game.

    Like your fellow pirates suggested you should find yourself a guild that will be willing to help you grow bigger (try Guild Search chat, or our
    Guild forum section).

    Good luck Pirate!

  9. xristosvas1

    xristosvas1 Forum Apprentice

    ik that sinking is a part of the game but that wasnt sinking just to get the BP since after sime kill it doesnt give you BP so it was killing for no reason and in the end he spented like 50 slowing rockets for no reason it was just bullying
  10. ~C~H~B~

    ~C~H~B~ Forum Greenhorn

    what server are you on?
  11. xristosvas1

    xristosvas1 Forum Apprentice

    int global europe 3

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