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    Badges are a visual display of your accomplishments throughout Nautica.

    On the left side of your boat is your Pirate Rank, a direct comparison against other pirates on your server.

    The right side however, a selectable badge which can be changed to show off your biggest achievement, the best looking, or if you so wish no badge at all.

    How to Equip Badges:

    You may want to equip or change the badge on the right side of your ship every once in a while. Do not worry, this can also be easily achieved.

    To equip any badge you must first go to the Ship Overview window on the Sea chart. This is done by clicking on the Ship icon at the top of your screen, as shown in the picture below.

    A window will now open up showing you basic information about your ship. Pressing the button on the left-hand side labelled "Badges" will open the Badges window.

    Clicking this button will open a new window showing all of the available badges on your account, simply choose one and click its name to equip it!

    Note: You can only change your badge when you are not moving, not taking damage and you are not firing.

    Badge Types:
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    Pirate Year Badges
    These badges represent how many years you have been a pirate on Seafight!

    Each year on your pirate birthday your old pirate year badge will be removed and replaced with a new shiny badge to represent the correct amount of years you have played!

    Pirate Year
    Pirate Year
    1 year.png
    1 Year Seafight Pirate
    8 year.png
    8 Year Seafight Pirate
    2 year.png
    2 Year Seafight Pirate
    9 year.png
    9 Year Seafight Pirate
    3 year.png
    3 Year Seafight Pirate
    10 year.png
    10 Year Seafight Pirate
    4 year.png
    4 Year Seafight Pirate
    11 year.png
    11 Year Seafight Pirate
    5 year.png
    5 Year Seafight Pirate
    12 year.png
    12 Year Seafight Pirate
    6 year.png
    6 Year Seafight Pirate
    13 year.png
    13 Year Seafight Pirate
    7 year.png
    The Lost Badge
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    League Badges
    The League Badges show which League the user is currently in. When you promote or demote League, your badge will change to match your new League.

    You can find more information about the League System in the League System bible entry.

    1 Jellyfish League.png
    Jellyfish League
    2 Seahorse League.png
    Seahorse League
    3 Barracuda League.png
    Barracuda League
    4 Manta League.png
    Manta League
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    Battle Point Rank Badges

    The Battle Point Rank Badges show which Battle Point Rank the user currently is. Each time you progress to the next Battle Point Rank, your old Badge will be replaced with the Badge corresponding to your new Battle Point Rank.

    You can find more information about the Battle Point Ranks and System in the Battle Points bible entry.

    Battle Points Ranking Table
    1....Cannon Fodder....32[​IMG] Captain 1st Class
    2[​IMG] Crew Member33[​IMG] Fleet Captain
    3[​IMG] Seaman Recruit34[​IMG] Major Of The Sea 2nd Class
    4[​IMG] Seaman Apprentice35[​IMG] Major Of The Sea 1st Class
    5[​IMG] Seaman36[​IMG] Major General Of The Sea
    6[​IMG] Leading Seaman37[​IMG] Commodore
    7[​IMG] Specialist38[​IMG] Commodore Admiral
    8[​IMG] Corporal39[​IMG] Rear Admiral
    9[​IMG] Sergeant40[​IMG] Vice Admiral
    10[​IMG] Petty Officer 2nd Class41[​IMG] Admiral
    11[​IMG]Petty Officer 1st Class42[​IMG] Grand Admiral
    12[​IMG] Chief Petty Officer43[​IMG] Commonwealth Sailor
    13[​IMG] Senior Chief Petty Officer44[​IMG] Commonwealth Mate
    14[​IMG] Master Chief Petty Officer45[​IMG] Commonwealth Lieutenant
    15[​IMG] Fleet Master Chief Petty Officer46[​IMG] Commonwealth Captain
    16[​IMG] Force Master Chief Petty Officer47[​IMG] Commonwealth Commodore
    17[​IMG] Chief Warrant Officer 148[​IMG] Fenghuang Sailor
    18[​IMG] Chief Warrant Officer 249[​IMG] Fenghuang Mate
    19[​IMG] Midshipman 150[​IMG] Fenghuang Lieutenant
    20[​IMG] Midshipman 251[​IMG] Fenghuang Captain
    21[​IMG] Ensign 152[​IMG] Fenghuang Commodore
    22[​IMG] Ensign 253[​IMG] Al'Mahareen Sailor
    23[​IMG] Sub-Lieutenant54[​IMG] Al'Mahareen Mate
    24[​IMG] Lieutenant Junior Grade55[​IMG] Al'Mahareen Lieutenant
    25[​IMG] Frigate Lieutenant56[​IMG] Al'Mahareen Captain
    26[​IMG] 2nd Lieutenant57[​IMG] Al'Mahareen Commodore
    27[​IMG] 1st Lieutenant58[​IMG] Al'Mahareen Grand Veisir
    28[​IMG] Lieutenant Commander59[​IMG] Fleet Admiral
    29[​IMG] Commander60[​IMG] Ruler Of The Ocean
    30[​IMG] Corvette Captain61[​IMG] Ultimate Destroyer Of The Seas
    31[​IMG] Captain 2nd Class
    Note: You can only have one Battle Point Rank Badge.
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    Event Badges
    Event Badges as the name suggests are Badges which have been available during certain events.

    There is no limit to the amount of these badges that can be owned, however you may only be able to win a certain number each time they are available.

    For your convenience, where possible, the name of each badge has been linked to the latest Event it could be earned.

    1 Easter 2014 Badge.png
    Easter 2014 Badge
    5 Dreaded Bounty Hunter.png
    2 Known Bounty Hunter.png
    6 Gaia Defender Badge.png
    3 Renowned Bounty Hunter.png
    7 Ouranos Warrior Badge.png
    4 Notorious Bounty Hunter.png
    8 Seafight Champion 2018.png

    Note: These badges were available at certain times. They may or may not be available again, keep an eye on the Event FAQ's.
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