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Discussion in 'Help' started by üzüm, Jul 30, 2018.

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  1. üzüm

    üzüm Forum Greenhorn

    I have different types of cannons and I do not know the best setup, so I just mixed them.
    Should I try to make them all same type(like all voodoo, or something)
    Any suggestions would be appreciated

  2. Vash

    Vash Forum Apprentice

    I think you should take voodos instead of lvl 0 firestorm because they give you more damage
  3. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hey @üzüm ,

    if you are on about to shot some event npcs or just something with pearl ammo then always start with this combination :

    Doom -> Devs -> Voodoos ( if there still is a place on your ship to put some cannons go with firestorms ).

    if you are on about to shot something with hollows then use Admiral cannons ( due to + 2 dmg gold ammo buff )

    If you have some time to read a lil bit more then head right to one of @A-R-K-Y's posts ---->Click!
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