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    As you sail the maps you will see little treasure chests on the water. These can only be opened using Chest Keys which can be purchased at various times.

    Treasure Chest

    Treasure Chest Keys can be used to open Treasure Chests. Treasure Chests can be seen by sailing around the maps; they can spawn in every regular PvP map.
    1 Treasure Chest.png

    Event Chest
    During Events is when you can find the Event Chests! Opened by the Event Key, you'll be rewarded with different rewards based on the Event.
    2 Event Chest.png

    Lion Chest
    During Jolly Roger Events, there are Lion Chests which can be found on the maps; these can only be opened by the use of a Lion Key.
    3 Lion Chest.png
    Note: You are required to have at least 1 Key of the matching type when opening a Chest. Once the Chest has been opened, the Key will be lost.

    Chests can be found in all regular PvP maps.

    Your Keys are stored on your ship. You can find them by going to the Ship Overview, then selecting the Depot tab.

    Beryl Gem
    4 Beryl Gem.png

    With the Beryl Gem - Increases the rewards from Treasure Chests by 10%.

    Chest Loot Table


    Action Items





    Lion Chest Loot Table

    Action Items



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