how to damage Karkinos npc

Discussion in 'General Feedback' started by ™Black●Pearl™, Jul 24, 2020.

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  1. ™Black●Pearl™

    ™Black●Pearl™ Forum Greenhorn

    hello. i just came back to game again after a 10+ year break. i want to do quest to board karkinos, so i get to lvl 13-14. issue is that he has 15m hp i think, i can't damage it alot, with elite ammo do 3k if i lucky. hope if anyone can help with this issue pls.
  2. Loki1621

    Loki1621 Junior Expert

    spend real money
  3. ™Black●Pearl™

    ™Black●Pearl™ Forum Greenhorn

    i shuld have done more than 3k crit damage i think with 239 cannon i have right now, i may need more than that maybe to able to do more damage on it, i don't use much money on game yet this days. not sure i will keep play game for years again.
  4. bøgholm83

    bøgholm83 Forum Apprentice

    'black check your canons onboard. otherwise check your talents an castels, but if you only do 3 k damage, i think you'll need more canons/better canons, an to board this kakinos, you'll need officers, pirate and equipt for them aswell..
  5. KLΞIN

    KLΞIN Forum Apprentice

    Welcome back :) Check out this thread, there is a lot of info about setting up your ship as a returning player:
  6. babenewport

    babenewport Someday Author

    check your boarding protection you need 15k also make sure you have the lvl 1 commander in terms of hitting it down hp wise ask a player who can hit it down for you. i be happy to help
  7. ™Black●Pearl™

    ™Black●Pearl™ Forum Greenhorn

    i have officers, and only use cheap pirates atm, i hit around 48k with ice ammo on diffrent npc, but have hard time on this one. i have not done much with talents and castels yet. i could make some 55 cannon yesterday, atleast till i get better one later. if someone is intrested in help with this on scandinavia 1 later pls let me know
  8. ™Black●Pearl™

    ™Black●Pearl™ Forum Greenhorn

    ty for reply everyone have, not sure what i'm missing to be able to hit with more damage on it. when i start damage karkinos i do less and less damage to it, i have 14,400 now(can increase boarding protection) when i can finish this. i'm able to only have 2 officers on ship ? can someone tell me name/how commander looks like ? i not sure i have it, still some stuff i need to figure out since been away from game for around 11 years

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