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Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by Wilfy, Jul 19, 2020.

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  1. Wilfy

    Wilfy Forum Greenhorn

    Hey all,
    Not played this game for a very long time, i’m thinking it must be 6 years.

    Back then the best cannons were 60lb admirals and voodoo cannons had just beed released.

    so i have a mixture of the above.

    The main question is have is what are most people using and what is the route for getting them?
    I’ve noticed a lot of players are hitting the event Ravens with around 5k damage but super quick, like every second or so, where as i am hitting them with 30k+ depending on the ammo i have, this is where i am confused, it looks like they are using hollows with a rapid reload time and i havn’t got a clue how to get to that level.

    Also am i right in saying there is a much bigger focus on damage reduction? Again where is the best place to pick this up?

    thanks in advance for any replies/help
  2. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hello @Wilfy ,

    First of what server do you play on?

    This is very important question because like you stated you've got
    only voodoos and 60s on board with can be gained by simply compleating
    pirate tests up to lvl 20.

    If I were in your position I would go with a brand new start on
    a server that is not overcrowded, that would give you higher
    chance to get anything during the events.

    If by any chance you play on MS6 (servers UK,DE3,DE4) you could send
    in your aplication into 1-C, we would be more than happy to assist you :).

    Back to the subject..

    So since you left BP introduced us to a few new kind of cannons.
    Some of them have a nice damage boost but are slow(doomhammers) and on
    the other hand there are super fast cannons(firestorms) but with small dmg boost.

    Most of the players use Painbringer cannons(currently best in game) and Worldbreakers
    (currently 2nd best and these can be obtained for free from season tasks).
    So your main target would be to complete as much season tasks as you can before it ends to
    earn coins of efford and once you have some exchange em for these cannons.

    IMPORTANT: Season last till 31.07 so hurry up!

    You can read more about cannons here -> Cannons
    You can read more about season here -> Season

    I assume you dont know anything about pet gems and ship gems.

    So in short, do you remember when somebody used to have design elite 15 and they always
    used it in past because of 2% extra cannon damage? Right now all design/pet extra bonuses have
    been converted into ship/pet gems with can be moved freely from one ship/pet onto another.
    Right now you can use the design you like and have gems on it - lets say extra HP, cannon damage
    and so on.

    You can read more about gems here -> Gems
    and here -> Gem Crafting and materials

    Be aware that gems can be placed ONLY into an empty slot - for example - if you have ship with
    gem +5000 HP but you would like to put +10% damage prevention into its place then first of
    you have to remove that 5 000 HP by draging it to the inventory (left on side), when you do that
    green button to confirm will show up at the bottom right corner of gem cutter window.
    If however by mistake you would place that 10% damage prevention on +5 000 HP gem then the gem
    that was below will explode - will be gone forever so be careful.
    (same rule apply to pet gems)

    You can read more about pets here -> Pets and pet trainers

    Your main goal(for now) with gems would be:

    1. Ship:
    Special gem of your choice (dont worry if you have none - you will receive some from daily log-in
    bonus so dont skip a single one!)
    Cannon Damage
    Hit probability
    Dodge Chance
    Damage Prevention​
    2. Pet:
    Dodge chance
    Damage prevention​
    3. Pet (for lvl 21+):
    Dodge chance
    Hit probability
    Do you remember old skill tree? This one changed also!

    You can read more about skill tree here -> Skill Tree

    Now with skills it is a lil different than it used to be. Before you place any skill please check
    twice... why you may ask, its simple... to reset any missplaced skill you will need Reset Skill
    Tokens with can be obtained from certain NPCs only - such as Roho, Lobo, Unchained Marauder, Emperors
    Hand and so on, and belive me it would take you a while before you could move like 50 of em.

    As you already noticed(if you read the link ive posted lol) skills are devided in 3 groups(very similar
    to the old one).

    These groups are:
    - Offensive Skills
    - Defensive Skills
    - Economy Skills
    Each skill sheet can have up to 350 skills. First 100 skills are relatively cheap so this is what I would

    1. Offensive Skills(damage skills)
    50 skillpoints into Extra Arms
    10 skillpoints into Boarding Bonanza
    40 Skillpoints into Super Salvo​
    2. Defensive Skills
    50 skillpoints into Reduce Harm
    25 skillpoints into Hale and Hearty
    25 skillpoints into Quick Fix​
    3. Economy Skills
    50 skillpoints into Damage Maker
    5 skillpoints into Monster Remedy
    20 skillpoints into Harpoon Hustler
    25 skillpoints into Speed Freak
    Each of skill group have its own Master Skills. You can read more about these here -> Master Skills

    Personally I would go with:

    1. Offensive Skills - Locked 'n' Loaded
    2. Defensive Skills - Voodoo Hoodoo
    3. Economy Skills - El Dorado​

    Now, we have the very basic of gems,skills and cannons covered.
    Its time to say something about Presets.
    Everything is nicely explained in here -> Presets

    I know its much to read but like you said its been 6 yrs.
    I did not mention expansion items as these can be gained from payment only and I am simply not aware if you will be willing to spend some money on game or not.

    Hope that helps for now.

    If you have any questions fire away theres a bunch of people that are willing to help.

    Happy Sailing!
  3. Wilfy

    Wilfy Forum Greenhorn

    Hi Kruchy,
    I’m on phone at the minute and working so will have a proper read of everything later, i am on the UK server so will also send an application through to 1-C
    I dont think i want to start again as there is a fair amount of crystals on this ship, numerous ship designs, a pet for being around in 2008 and i have the Ivory deck on it.

    But as said above i will read through all the help above and figure this out.
  4. KLΞIN

    KLΞIN Forum Apprentice

    Great answer by *KRUCHY*! I have returned to the game several months ago after a 4 year break. There are many changes but it is worth mentioning that the game is much more stable with fewer bugs. Well done Bigpoint. Back to the topic:

    First of all, redeem the vouchercodes for the current event. You can find them HERE

    • Don't forget to buy powder monkeys.
    • KRUCHY has already explained gems. As a returning player you have probably already received several gem booty bags. Go to the gem cutter, click BOOTY BAG, and drag-and-drop the bags to receive the gems.
    • KRUCHY has also explained cannons. As I have learned the hard way, don't waste time and effort improving 60-pounders lvl 5 to Admirals or Voodoo cannons.
    • In your ship overview, go to ship equipment and click on the 4 lines next to 'VALUES'. Here you can buy slots for cannons. The first slots can be bought with gold, so do this right away. More info can be found HERE

    • Once you have set up your ship following KRUCHY's post, complete the test to level 21 ASAP so you can start earning crowns. Crowns are necessary for all sorts of purchases but the first thing you should get when you have some are cabin boys. you need 500 crowns for these and one of their features is 25 more cannon slots.
    • In level 21, start by boarding the HRMS Warrior for a chance to receive a Commonwealth Sellsword. The Sellsword provides an extra 30 cannon slots and +40% NPC hit probability so get him ASAP.

    I realise that everything you have heard in this thread sounds complicated but I'm sure you will get the hang of it very quickly.

    Also worth mentioning is that the events are a lot better these days. Judging by your 60-pounders and voodoo cannons, you probably stopped playing in the time when there were few events with a lot of lag, riddled with bugs and giving very poor rewards. I've got some great news for you! These days there are quite a lot of events. They are stable and I not experienced any bugs. Best of all: the rewards are anywhere between good and great. This, combined with the season system, allows you upgrade your ship to current standards in a reasonable amount of time and without spending preposterous amounts of money.

  5. MiniMeanie

    MiniMeanie Advanced

    Might need to rethink that part!
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  6. KLΞIN

    KLΞIN Forum Apprentice

    I played (a lot) from 2008-2014. Trust me when I say that it is much, much better now ;)
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  7. capetown1

    capetown1 Forum Apprentice

    Great answers from Kruchy and Klein. I agree with Klein, I too returned several months ago after many years away and the game seems much more stable and accurate. Mistakes are still made but the "system" [computer] seems to pick that up and rectify them over time. Much improved experience for me. I left the game at Lvl 20 when that was the highest, coming back it felt like I was about Lvl5. It's taken a while but I'm starting to get the hang of it again and improving but still nowhere near the big boys and girls. If you look past the glitches, the game is actually pretty amazing. Even the graphics when you zoom in on islands etc. P.S. I agree with those who say you shouldn't be able to sink other players in the lower maps. Give new players the room to experiment in peace.
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  8. -pysa-*

    -pysa-* Someday Author

    pain lvl 6 cannons and worldbreaker lvl 4 are the best cannons right now. mostly you have to buy these cannons. but you can also get some cannons for free during the season. the next season will probebly start 1st of september and will last 90 days or so. it's just a lot of missions. shooting 1000 ships multiple times and a lot of other things. you need yulong coins to uppgrade the cannons. you will need safanad coins in the future btw
  9. .Kenze.

    .Kenze. Regular

    You mean Doomhammer Cannons lvl 6 and worldbreaker lvl 5?
  10. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    I have played since July 2009 *KRUCHY*, and I salute you for taking the time to type out such a thorough and informative update to help someone out. You are a "one-of-a-kind" pirate, matey!:)
  11. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Someday Author

    No. Painbringer lvl 6 and worldbreaker level 4 is what he means :D Doomhammers are not better than pains or worldbreakers.

    and worldbreakers lvl 5 arent available in game yet.
  12. .Kenze.

    .Kenze. Regular

    Yes they are. But as well as lvl 4,you need somehing to upgrade it.
    Beside , Doom damage more but pain very little.Doom lvl 6=165.
    Pain lvl 6 =110.
  13. lude1962

    lude1962 Forum Connoisseur

    full lvl 6 pain, 110 +110% = 231 reload 6.4
    lvl 6 doom, 165 reload 8.1

    pains win
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  14. .Kenze.

    .Kenze. Regular

    Yes if it only works with 2 x 110%. ;)
  15. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    You might want to check out the $49.99 package named "Corsairs Commence" (from your Seachart, click on the "Shopping Cart" then on the tab "Ships and Pets" and click on the filter "Starter kits"). Among many other items, it includes 150,000 crystals. I know you said you had a lot of crystals, but just a 10,000 crystal pack (if I recall correctly) used to cost like 100 dollars many years ago. And this package has 200 cannons that are pretty decent compared to the ones you had when you quit. (Of course, if you really want to compete, it does cost a whole lot more money than this).
  16. Likeaboss!

    Likeaboss! Forum Greenhorn

    hi is there any point buying this? i started playing a few weeks ago again and all i can see is if i play for more than a few hours i am getting a -20%boost :) now i want to play and server restarted, it does not work for 30 minutes ? what is the point on spending so much money when they litteraly destroyed this game
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  17. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Someday Author

    Honestly, if you are "returning" i wouldn't bother. it will cost you a lot of money to get anywhere near decent (if you enjoy PVP) and if you dont spend you will get sunk in 2/3 shots easily.

    The game is offline more than it is online, constant bugs, guilds and islands dissapearing, payment packs not applying, false advertising of packs to get people to spend money. it is the worst run game iv ever come across.

    I still play because i have spent a lot. but if i was to return now. i wouldnt.
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  18. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    Indeed - the correct answer if you are starting or re-starting out is: Don't! But the last time someone asked for advice and I gave a detailed answer that said just that, they balked at it. So I suggested that option for the hard-heads out there that are absolutely determined to play Seafight! But as Sephiroth said, it is a huge waste of a lot of money *and* your time!! I too only still play because of the amount of "sunk cost" I already have in this money pit...I mean game!
  19. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    *KRUCHY* - Personally, I would suggest "Brutal Blaster" on the Damage Skills. But I fight PvP a lot.:)
  20. Likeaboss!

    Likeaboss! Forum Greenhorn

    i just invested arround 50 pounds in 2 days is there anyway i can get my money back? i dont care if the account is blocked! i can not play i have diminished returns, i dont understand and no one made me aware about this, why am i paying for something i cant use? i will call my bank tommorow and email support

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