Complete Guide For New Players 2024 (Last Update 15/01/2024)

Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by sweetpepper, Jan 15, 2024.

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  1. sweetpepper

    sweetpepper Forum Apprentice

    First of All, the purpose of this guide is hopefully be fixed in this forum to new players get some guidance, the most efficient one possible.
    This guide is focused on F2P Players Mostly
    Setup's/Tips are going to be here.


    Important Links for New Players are going to be along the guide.

    Maximum Values | Seafight > Here u gonna find details and requisites of what u are aim for stats, for example, max cannon slots and etc.

    Cannon Slots: Click on that Part to see how many u can unlock and what are the costs.
    The first one represents cannons while the second one represents Extensions, we are going to talk about that later.


    Understanding Cannons: AKA Elite Cannons
    Let's organize cannons in tiers ok?

    [​IMG]Tier 1 - 55-Pounder
    [​IMG]Tier 2 - 60-Pounder
    [​IMG]Tier 2S - Admiral Cannon (only cannon that gives gold ammo bonus)

    [​IMG]Tier 3 - Voodoo Cannon
    [​IMG]Tier 4 - FireStorm Cannon
    [​IMG]Tier 5 - DoomHammer Cannon
    [​IMG]Tier 6 - Devastator Cannon
    [​IMG]Tier 7 - Painbringer Cannon
    [​IMG]Tier 7S - Rift Cannon (Very Similar Stats with Painbringer)
    [​IMG]Tier 8 - WorldBreaker Cannon
    [​IMG]Tier 9 - Bastion Cannon
    [​IMG]Tier 10 - Overlord Cannon
    [​IMG]Tier 11 - Thunderbolt Cannon

    - Easy to understand, the higher the tier, the better the cannon.
    U can refer in the comments like Tier 10.5 Cannon to Refer to (LvL 5 Overlord Cannon) in case that u wanna ask something about it.

    Where I can get cannons?
    Missions and Sun Map mostly

    What to use on extensions?

    [​IMG]Reinforced Ribs > if u have any. Don't mix with anything else, u are a begginer.
    If u don't have it, use anything.

    Check Extensions Details Here : Ship Extensions | Seafight

    Mostly u gonna use ribs on pve, ravens on pvp.

    Missions: Quest Menu | Seafight

    Quests: Level 1 - 2 | Seafight
    Quests: Level 2 - 3 | Seafight
    Quests: Level 3 - 4 | Seafight
    Quests: Level 4 - 5 | Seafight
    Quests: Level 5 - 6 | Seafight
    Quests: Level 6 - 7 | Seafight
    Quests: Level 7 - 8 | Seafight
    Quests: Level 8 - 9 | Seafight
    Quests: Level 9 - 10 | Seafight
    Quests: Level 10 - 11 | Seafight
    Quests: Level 11 - 12 | Seafight
    Quests: Level 12 - 13 | Seafight
    Quests: Level 13 - 14 | Seafight
    Quests: Level 14 - 15 | Seafight

    I'll leave here the guide to make the missions in case u get lost. Pay attention to NPC's names, sometimes u get a mission from a NPC but u have to deliver to another one.

    Each Level u gonna unlock a new zone in the map, likely your mission is going to be kill npc's and walk in that new zone. [​IMG]

    Things that can get you lost:
    [​IMG]That is a "CARGO"

    [​IMG]If u leave your mouse on top of a map u can see if it have npc's or not and what are the names.

    Missions about folllowing coordinates: There's an option on the top left side of the MINIMAP, the ship buttom, click on that and u are likely to see in the minimap where u need to go.

    Focus on making the missions, they'll give u everything u need, stop at lvl 15 and spam sun map.

    NPC's | Seafight > u can check where find them in the map, stats, life and rewards of basically all open map NPC's in the game in this link!

    Skill Tree | Seafight
    Follow the Order:

    keep in mind that the cost of each tree (damage, defense and economy) aren't connected, so the cost increased for each skillpoint that u buy with pearls/crowns (later) only in the determined tree.

    Skill PointsCrystals per SkillPearls per SkillCrowns per SkillCost for 50 SkillsTotal Cost
    1-5075--3,750 Crystals3,750 Crystals
    51-100125250-6,250 Crystals
    12,500 Pearls
    10,000 Crystals
    12,500 Pearls
    101-1501751,000508,750 Crystals
    50,000 Pearls
    2,500 Crowns
    18,750 Crystals
    62,500 Pearls
    2,500 Crowns
    151-2002505,00010012,500 Crystals
    250,000 Pearls
    5,000 Crowns
    31,250 Crystals
    312,500 Pearls
    7,500 Crowns
    201-25040010,00025020,000 Crystals
    500,000 Pearls
    12,500 Crowns
    51,250 Crystals
    812,500 Pearls
    20,000 Crowns
    251-30060015,00050030,000 Crystals
    750,000 Pearls
    25,000 Crowns
    81,250 Crystals
    1,562,500 Pearls
    45,000 Crowns
    301-35080025,0001,00040,000 Crystals
    1,250,000 Pearls
    50,000 Crowns
    121,250 Crystals
    2,812,500 Pearls
    95,000 Crowns

    • Damage Tree: Must Have ASAP
    1. [​IMG]Extra Arms: 50/50 > +20,7 cannon slots
    2. [​IMG]Super Salvo: 50/50 > -20,7% reload cannon time
    3. [​IMG]Offensive Assault: 50/50 > +8,8% hit probability
    4. [​IMG]Powder Punch: 50/50 > +25,2% black gunpowder bonus
    5. [​IMG]Boarding Bonanza: 10/50 > +10% boarding bonus (Need for Super Salvo)

      • Defense Tree: Must Have ASAP

      • [​IMG]Reduce Harm: 50/50 > +13,8% damage prevention
      • [​IMG]Dodge Ball: 50/50 > +8,8% dodge chance
      • [​IMG]Quick Fix: 50/50 > +40,3% repair value (faster repairing)
      • [​IMG]Hale and Hearty: 50/50 + 150,000 health
      • [​IMG]Rocketproof: 20/50 > +26% rocket damage prevention (Need for Dodge Ball)
    • Economy Tree: Very Personal Related of what u need first, focus on damage and defense first.
    1. [​IMG]Damage Maker: 50/50 > +100% Harpoon Damage
    2. [​IMG]Monster Remedy: 50/50 > +100% Healing Value
    3. [​IMG]Harpoon Hustler: 50/50 > -34% Harpoon Reload Time
    4. [​IMG]Speed Freak: 50/50 > +74 Speed on your Ship
    Focus on Skill Tree First, then Castles later.

    Castles | Seafight

    Similar to skill tree but only pearls cost, but it's very expensive, u need to pay for the slot and pay for the skill. It's like a promotion, pay 2 receive 1.

    (old pic)

    Here you gonna focus on putting things to level 6-8 since the cost to max out is very big.
    1. [​IMG]Cannon Loader (Green Castle) > Hit Faster
    2. [​IMG]Cannon Storage (Red Castle) > More Cannons
    3. [​IMG]Adamantine Hull (Green Castle) > More Damage Prevention
    4. [​IMG]Astrolabe (Yellow Castle) > More Hit Probability
    5. [​IMG]Gunpowder Flask (Yellow Castle) > More Damage
    6. [​IMG]Voodoo Mirage (Purple Castle) > More Dodge Chance
    7. [​IMG]Shipwright's Schematics (Blue Castle) > You can get this one after damantine hull, don't go past lvl 6/10, it gives u an extra sail slot on lvl 6.
    8. [​IMG]Ferocious Bookkeeper (Crew Castle - Idk what colour to say here) > More Damage on Elite Ammo
    9. [​IMG]Manual of Naval Tactics (Yellow Castle) > More Critical Hit Probability
    10. [​IMG]Centerboard (Green Castle) > More Speed
    11. [​IMG]Sternpost (Red Castle) > More Speed
    12. [​IMG]Amulet Pedestal (Purple Castle) > Less Cooldown on Voodoo Amulets
    13. [​IMG]Fortified Amulet Gems (Purple Castle) > More Voodoo Points from Amulets
    14. [​IMG]Poisoner's Lab (Blue Castle) > Good for Ammunitions that deals damage over time (DoT)
    15. [​IMG]Military Expert (Crew Castle) > Increase Critical Damage

      The rest is gonna depend on your gameplay! Those are MUST have castles in the correct order.

    Bonus Maps: Don't make them, your captain system will do it for you. They are obtained easily from the mojo cauldron.

    Raid Maps: Maps that u are going to use for farming pearls and cannons when there's no event going on, the higher the map, the better are the rewards, you gonna need a item to enter the map but it's very easy to get. Keep in mind that it's open PVP here, if u die, u need another "item" to enter the map again.
    Raid maps have an admiral that spawns based on npc's killed in the map / time, check details on links bellow.
    My Advice > Stick with Sun Pirates Raid Map | Seafight, the rewards are a little bit outdated in this link but it gives you cannons, along the missions.

    Gems | Seafight Tiny and Expensive Things that U gonna need later on

    Offensive Gem > Focus on:

    • Damage
    • Hit Probability
    • Critical Damage (in case you don't have the first 2)

    Defensive Gem > Focus on:
    • Damage Prevention
    • Dodge Chance
    • Repair Value / Repair Speed (in case you don't have the first 2[​IMG]
    Special Gem > Focus on:
    • Damage Against PvE Targets 5-3%
    • Plates of Armor Bonus 5%
    • or anything else that u have
    Follow the Same Idea for the PET GEMS.

    Designs | Seafight > Don't worry too much about it, u are a begginer.

    League of Captains | Seafight > A little complex but with some reading u gonna find out how to use it, basically u gonna assign a captain to make a quest for u, that includes bonus maps.
    Keep in mind where u open your captain chest's.

    Image of All Possible Captains > [​IMG]

    We gonna rank the captains here so u can invest in the right one, all u need to know is that vitality is the most important stat in those captains, since u need it to make more and harder missions, while luck affects your chance to get items and rep affects quantity of items gained.

    Keep in mind that the advantages can be given to any captain by the strengthen tool.

    The list order MATTERS! Example > Saltwood and Waters are a little better than Guerrero and Plank.

    The List doesn't consider the advantages that the captains can come with once u can transfer them to any captain that u wan.

    Tier S Captains:
    • Saltwood / Waters> High Vitality (90-95) / Medium Luck (6-10) / Low Reputation (1-5) - Saltwood/Waters is probably the best captains being with the highest base vitality possible and a medium base luck value, very useful when making high tier missions to get extensions and cannons that are hard to get.
    • Guerrero / Plank > High Vitality (90-95) / Low Luck (1-5) / Medium Reputation (6-10) - Similar to Saltwood and Waters, the difference here is that they have less chance of getting those rare items but they bring more items with a higher base rep, still the focus here is vitality and luck so that's why they are bellow saltwood and waters.
    Tier A Captains:

    • Bluewater / Coldstorm > Medium Vitality (86-90) / High Luck (10-15) / Low Reputation (1-5)
    • Powers / Avantini > Medium Vitality (86-90) / Med Luck (6-10) / Med Reputation (6-10) - toe to toe with bluewater and coldstorm captains.
    • Sharktooth / Black Beard > Medium Vitality (86-90) / Low Luck (1-5) / Low Reputation (1-5)

    Tier B Captains:

    • Redgale / Winston > Low Vitality (81-85) / High Luck (10-15) / Medium Reputation (6-10)
    • Teaguill > Low Vitality (81-85) / High Luck (10-15) / Low Reputation (1-5)
    • Stein / McKay > Low Vitality (81-85) / Medium Luck (6-10) / High Reputation (10-15)
    • Delgado > Low Vitality (81-85) / Low Luck (1-5) / High Reputation (10-15) - yes, this is the worst captain to have.
    The Higher the Vit and Luck, the better the captain is to invest on him.

    You can find more info about what the chests gives, perks, missions and potions on League of Captains | Seafight

    Crafting | Seafight

    Complex stuff for a begginer, don't buy anything for here, don't make anything crazy, u gonna understand this with time

    (I will write more about it later)


    Missing Things List:
    1 - Crew
    2 - Action Items
    3 - Trainers
    4 - Guild
    5 - Debuff / Scar
    6 - Pve/Pvp updated setups
    7 - hit probability x dodge chance relation
    8 - avoid doing those things
    9 - ...

    ps: I'm a new player that started to play the game in 02/01/2024.
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  2. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Ahoy sweetpepper!

    Every bit of information mentioned by you can be found within the Seafight Bible ->

  3. sweetpepper

    sweetpepper Forum Apprentice

    I'm aware of that, I'm just trying to make a more summed up version with some comments and tips behind it, some things that really can help and avoid a bunch of annual comments on "new player here, tips?"
    As you can see there's recommendations with some seafight bible links to help players identify detailed info with real tips.
    A quick analysis of the new player forum, we can see that many players don't know from where to start and how to progress properly. Also it's a bit sad that with money you can just jump a lot of farming with the pack that gives 200 high tier cannons "All Hands on the Deck" (something like that).
  4. phatty-Boastrike

    phatty-Boastrike Junior Expert

    Aaaarrrggghhh! ye is the martha stewart of SF! hardy har har! Does ye make pies?
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  5. Swift

    Swift Community Team Team Seafight


    Excellent collation of information for a new player, I always love to see players sharing their wisdom and knowledge with others! Thank you for your effort
    sweetpepper, and welcome to Seafight!

  6. m0zilla

    m0zilla Forum Apprentice

  7. sweetpepper

    sweetpepper Forum Apprentice

    Thanks XD

    - Added more information about the captains and a tier list for players!
    - Any additional tips for new players are welcome guys, just talk about it and I'll be adding, as I said, the focus here is 1 big post for returning and new players find themselves in the game. Many things still left to be talked about but I'll do it slowly, thanks anyway.
    - I'll be making the community managers of this forum also aware of possible missed information on pages from seafight bible.
    - When I feel that the post is pretty much complete and easy to understand for new players, I'll be making a video about it, making it a more friendly and updated content for new players in 2024.

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  8. Womble1996

    Womble1996 Forum Apprentice

    Brilliant guide.

    Just a quick question, does the sunmap still summon a boss? Can anyone play it now? Someone hitting for 220k a hit came in and sunk everyone lol.
    Where is the counter? I sunk them for an hour and nothing spawned
  9. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Ahoy Womble1996!

    Yes, after defeating certain amount of NPCs (listed in the top left corner (status bar) - unless you moved it) a "boss" appear.

  10. -Neptune™

    -Neptune™ Forum Greenhorn

    I wonder if the pictures are correct with the corresponding skills in the damage skill sheet??
  11. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Ahoy -Neptune™!

    Yes, they are.