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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Sea Chart Overview

    When you open the game to play, you will see the Sea Chart, below.

    Please read the following descriptions to familiarise yourself with how the Sea Chart functions.


    Game Currrency Menu


    Please view the Game Currencies entry for more information.

    Sea Chart Drop Down Menus


    1. Chat Box: This box opens and closes your chat window.



    For a list of Chat Box Commands, please view the Chat: Commands, Rules, and Ban Date Format entry.

    For a list of Chat Guidelines, please view the Chat Guidelines entry.

    2. Socials: This box is broken into 3 different sections as a drop down menu - Group Invite, Mateys List, and Guild.


    A. Group Invite: [​IMG] For instructions on how to create a group, use a group and leave a group, please view the Group System entry.

    B. Mateys List: [​IMG] For instructions on how to search for other users and add friends to your Mateys List, please view the
    Mateys List/User Search entry.

    C. Guild: [​IMG] This area has two subsections - Guild Search/Apply, and Guild Information.
    a. Guild Search/Apply: [​IMG] For instructions on how to search for, and apply to guilds, please view the Guild Search/Apply entry.
    b. Guild Information:
    [​IMG] For information on guilds section, please view the Guilds entry.

    3. Quick Access: This box is broken into 4 different sections as a drop-down menu - League System, Gemcutter, Spy, and Cauldron of Aruba.


    A. League System: [​IMG] For more information on the League, please view the League System entry.

    B. Gemcutter: [​IMG] For instructions on how to use the Gemcutter, please view the
    Gem Crafting and Materials entry.

    C. Spy: [​IMG] Please view the
    Spy entry for instructions on how to use the Spy.

    D. Cauldron of Aruba: [​IMG] Information for the Cauldron of Aruba can be found by viewing the Cauldron of Aruba entry.

    4. Miscellaneous: This box is broken into 3 different sections as a drop-down menu - Event Rankings, Daily Log-in Bonus, and Reputation Points.


    A. Event Rankings: [​IMG] View the Event Ranking entry for more details.

    B. Daily Log-in Bonus: [​IMG] Daily /Monthly Log-in Bonus bible entry shall provide you with some more information.

    C. Reputation Points: [​IMG] More details on Reputation can be found in the Reputation Points entry.

    5. Ship Overview: This box is broken into 3 different sections as a drop-down menu - Ship Overview, Ship Castle, and Trophies.


    A. Ship Overview: [​IMG] Information on this section can be found under the Equipping Your Ship/Slots post in the Seafight bible.

    B. Ship Castle: [​IMG] For more information on castles, click the Ship Castles

    C. Trophies: [​IMG] For more information, click on Trophy Room

    6. Crew: This area is used to equip your pirates, pets, and trainers.


    More information on this area can be found in the Crew Members entry.

    7. Quests: Shows your active quests and other quests available.


    More information on the Quest section can be found in the Quest Menu bible entry.

    8. Options: Allows you to customize your seachart, change your graphic and audio settings, and set hotkeys.


    Customizing the Seachart provides you with the information for this section.



    The logout button when pressed shall log your boat off of the SeaChart.
    The default logout time is 30 seconds without moving, shooting or being shot, however if you are a premium member this is shortened to 10 seconds.

    Action Items/Buffs/Kraken Queue


    1. Action Items/Buffs:

    [​IMG] These are examples of Action Items, information on these and other Action Items can be found in the
    Action Items entry.

    [​IMG] This is an example of a Buff, information on this and other Buffs can be found in the
    Buffs entry.
    2. Kraken Queue:

    [​IMG] This is the Kraken Queue counter.

    View the Kraken Map entry for more information on the Kraken.

    Leave Map/Change Map

    1. Leave Map:

    Click this bar when you want to leave the Safe Haven, a Bonus Map, or a Raid Map.

    2. Change Map:

    Click this bar when you want to change Maps. The Changing Maps bible post contains more information on this.


    Mini Map


    Information on the Mini Map can be found in the Mini Map post.

    Note Box


    This box informs you as to what kind of a Map you are on: PVE (Player vs. Everything - players can only fight Monsters and NPC's) or PVP (Player vs. Player - players can fight Monsters, NPC's, and other players). It informs you of other notifications too, such as the countdown to the Server Restart, and if your Guild Island is being attacked.

    Event Ticker


    The Event Ticker displays different Event features that are ongoing within the game. More information can be found in the Event Ticker entry.


    There are two main types of Glitters:

    The Glitter

    The Shipwreck

    More information on the Glitters in game can be found by clicking the link Glitters.

    VP/HP/BP/EP/Ship Centering Displays


    1. VP/HP:

    HP is the amount of Hitpoints you have on your ship. When you have 0 Hitpoints your ship is sunk and shall need to be repaired.

    VP is your Voodoo Points, you can find more information on this by viewing the
    Voodoo Shield post.
    2. BP:

    Battle Points are gained from sinking your fellow players. The more you gain the higher your BP Rank, gaining rewards and new badges as you increase the ranks. The Battle Points bible post has more information on this.
    3. EP:

    EP is short for Experience Points. EP is gained from completing various tasks in Seafight; Destroying NPCs, completing Bonus Maps, and completing Quests to name a few. Experience Points/Elite Points Shall provide you with some more details.

    4. Ship Centering:


    Clicking this icon will place the view of your Ship into the center of your screen. This feature can be used when stationary, or when sailing.

    Sea Chart Toolbars

    The Sea Chart Toolbars allow you to place some of your favorite items to be easily accessible and usable without the need of opening menus or having them locked on the side of your screen.


    More information can be found in the Sea Chart Toolbars entry.
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